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Research Interests

Structural violence

I am currently reading and research about structural violence as a social issue in order to consider how Psalm 82 may offer a response. I will hope to expand this consideration to other Hebrew Bible texts as well as considering other ancient Near Eastern literature. On a related topic, I am also looking at restorative justice as an ethical response to injustice.

Creation Ethics

In light of current trends in scientific advancement of developing artificial intelligence (AI), I am interested in bringing in biblical approaches to creation ethics, asking the question, “what does a creator owe to its creation?” As humans take on the role of creator for another species, it seems natural to look at ancient texts that have imagined the roles and responsibilities (and limits) of a creator-being. Ethics of AI development are implicit in science fiction stories. I hope to examine these in light of religious texts and beliefs.

Current project: So Say We All (working title)

I am currently working on a book that examines the force and philosophy of religion in the Battlestar Galactica Series (2004-2009). BSG is ripe with religious language and prophetic philosophies, which range from creation to the after life. There are religious factions which first divide AI beings for humans, and then becomes more complicated.