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Beginnings—Genesis and God’s Holiness

I was asked to present a homily in the undergraduate chapel in order to contribute an Old Testament perspective about the Holiness of God. Below is a recording of the short sermon. In the benediction (which is not included in the recording), I asked students to take a moment of reflection and consider their place in the vast cosmos. The recording is posted below.

Holiness in Creation Homily by Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer


This week, in preparation for Easter, we reflect on God’s Son, the Messiah, God-Incarnate, whose teachings, life, death, and resurrection empower us to live fully in God’s design.

Take a moment now in quiet reflection. Close your eyes, if it helps drown out the light and noise around you. Fold your hands in your lap, if it keeps them from seeking out distraction. And listen in a minute of silence

Holy God, we thank you for giving us life and empowering us to walk in faith. Amen.