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Guest Speaker

Occasionally, I have been honored to present as a special guest in a class or conference. This is a privilege. You can review a selection of speaking engagements below. Video, audio, and visuals are linked where accessible.

Interview on Myth Narratives in the Hebrew Bible and in the ancient Near East

Spring 2020—My friend and colleague, Dr. Brian LePort, invited me to participate in an interview series he hosted for online courses on religion and the Bible. There are two interviews. The first is on cosmogony, creation narratives, and the second is on flood narratives. The posts below link to Brian’s blog site and contain a linked video.

Interview: discussing Creation Mythologies with Erica Mongé-Greer

Interview: discussing Flood Mythologies with Erica Mongé-Greer

Guest Lecture on Misogyny in ancient religious texts

Spring 2019—My friend, Dr. Regina Psaki, invited me to present in a graduate seminar on Misogyny in literature at University of Oregon. My lecture introduced the course with readings from a pre-ancient setting to consider as a potential religious and social context for more recent literature studies. The lecture was not recorded, but the materials are made available on this site. the reader includes summary notes on biblical texts as well as texts from other ancient Near Eastern mythological sources. It is not a complete work, but provides a sample of material in which male and females interact, both divine and human.

Read about misogyny in ancient religious texts.